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Software repair procedure is NOT covered by warranty. This must be very clear from the beginning. Also, there are various types of a software malfunction that can lead to your device's abnormal behaviour, persistent restarts, glitches, application freezes, or even full operating system blockage. So, prior to software repair, our service engineers must perform a series of test in order to determine if the problem is software or hardware-based. After that, we will inform you what we found and if indeed it is a software issue, we will proceed at re-installing the software on your device. This procedure is slow and requires a lot of work and time spent. So you must be patient in order to receive a 100% functional device back. If you make us speed things up, we will not be able to complete all the testing required and you may encounter problems after that. And we don't want this thing to happen at all. We want to make sure that everything is in order before we deliver your device back.

Also, during the repair, you can check your repair status in your account, at the order details section.

Attention: Software repair can take up to 7-14 days work. We cannot guarantee we can re-install the software in one day and everything works perfectly from the first try. So when you choose this type of service procedure, please take note of this warning! Even if you choose the express service, we will make sure to put your device on top of our service list but still, it's not up to us if we can finish it in the same day. This type of service has various reasons to fail during installation and it differs from one device to another, even if they are the same model. There are a lot of other companies who offer this service with fast results promises and we can assure you, more and more devices are arriving on our service room every day, devices that went through this procedure already on those so-called fast experts in software repair. Make sure you will not become one of those customers.

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