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Did you somehow tried to mute your device and nothing happened? Or you tried to unmute it and it's still completely silent? Button or function alike, this problem is something that we here at Doctor iSmart can fix in no-time. Well, not exactly no-time, but we like it how it sounds. We have replaced hundreds of mute buttons and also repaired software-related issues on that matter so we can surely say that this is where you can be certain of a job well done.

Also, during the repair, you can check your repair status in your account, at the order details section.

Attention: Service testing requires an additional 24-72 hours testing of the replaced component. This procedure is an additional insurance that the replaced component will be in order and it has at least, if not better, the same operation parameters as the original component of the phone. There are cases where original spare parts happen to have flaws and are proven to be problematic. Without service testing, we only check if the component is functioning properly, but we don't perform additional endurance and quality assurance testing.

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