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If you cannot hear anything coming from your device (voice in conversation, music, ringtones, beeps), not through the normal speaker nor the loudspeaker, and even after a factory reset the problem is not resolved, send your device to us to be checked. There are some cases where the problem comes from the software side, others where is a hardware issue. And in a case of a hardware failure, there are cases impossible to be repaired, either because they take a lot of time or because it costs too much.

If you send your device and we discover such technical problems, we will inform you in your order detail and you can choose from there what steps you can take: either repair it or return it. The refund will be made without the shipping or the diagnostic costs. If you didn't choose any option at this type of repair, the diagnostic costs are £9.99. This is a standard fee because our diagnostic is always certain and you can choose to be refunded in order to repair it with second-hand spare parts, which, although the costs of such repair are a lot cheaper, they are more unreliable and you cannot obtain warranty.

Our technicians will assess the damage, repair or replace the problematic component and if you choose it from the options of this product, they will proceed to a deep diagnostic afterward to see if other components are also damaged. If everything is in order, your phone will be shipped back to you with a warranty certificate attached with 12 months warranty. During this period, if the component becomes faulty, we will replace it with no charges, and no shipping fees for you. If there are more than one components damaged or hidden errors discovered on the deep diagnostic procedure, our support will evaluate the cost and inform you of the problems discovered. You can decide if the rest of the damaged components will be replaced as well, or not. If so, then you must place another order on our website, a special order, with special price, and no shipping taxes (they are already paid when you send your phone to us).

Also, during the repair, you can check your repair status in your account, at the order details section.

Attention: Service testing requires an additional 24-72 hours testing of the replaced component. This procedure is an additional insurance that the replaced component will be in order and it has at least, if not better, the same operation parameters as the original component of the phone. There are cases where original spare parts happen to have flaws and are proven to be problematic. Without service testing, we only check if the component is functioning properly, but we don't perform additional endurance and quality assurance testing.

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