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Have you started to encounter problems with your wireless connection? Problems like slow Wi-Fi even in a high signal strength area, crashing connections, reconnecting over and over again, or even worse, no wireless network found at all, happen to your device? Then you surely have a WiFi serious problem and you're in need of this service. Repairing or replacing the WiFi antenna is not something anyone can do with high precision, and in here, at Doctor iSmart, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. So send your device to us and we promise to return it to you, as fast as we can, repaired without a single glitch. You can also choose one of our options for this type of repair in order to benefit from fast response time, express service or deep diagnostic testing procedures. Also, you can select service testing in order to be sure that our technicians will apply a maximum stress procedure to the newly repaired, or replaced Wi-FI

Also, during the repair, you can check your repair status in your account, at the order details section.

Attention: Service testing requires an additional 24-72 hours testing of the replaced component. This procedure is an additional insurance that the replaced component will be in order and it has at least, if not better, the same operation parameters as the original component of the phone. There are cases where original spare parts happen to have flaws and are proven to be problematic. Without service testing, we only check if the component is functioning properly, but we don't perform additional endurance and quality assurance testing.

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