LG G Flex2
Released date: February 2015
Screen size: 5.5"
Weight: 152 g
Resolution: 1080x1920 px
Thickness: 9.4mm
Main camera: 13MP 2160p
Android OS, v5.0.1
Memory: 3GB RAM
Storage 16GB storage, microSD card slot
Battery: 3000mAH battery

If you need an LG G Flex2 repair, check Doctor iSmart repair options. We offer support for multiple repair parts and service diagnostic tools, almost impossible to find elsewhere.  Shipping costs, postage and return deliveries are also included.

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Antenna Repair
If you cannot hear anything coming from your device (voice in conversation, music, ringtones, beeps)..
Battery Repair
Battery Repair service is needed when your device is starting to take a long time to charge and the ..
Bezel repair
If your device's bezel has suffered visible damage, either scratched, bent or chipped problems, it's..
Charger Repair
Charger Repair service is usually needed when you experience phone charging problems, cable wire is ..
Diagnostic service
Diagnostic service is useful when you don't know what happened to your device and you have to find o..
Express service
When you are in a big hurry and you want your device to be placed on top of the service list, you sh..
Front Camera Repair
Be very careful when you decide to choose the Front Camera Repair service! There are proven cases th..
Headphone Socket Repair
Headphone Socket Repair service is needed when you experience low quality or no sound at all coming ..
Home Button Repair
Home Button has two stages of defects: in the first stage it becomes less responsive and in the seco..
Liquid Damage Service
This is the most problematic type of repair. Liquid damage usually affects more than one component i..
Loudspeaker Repair
If you start experiencing loss of sound, severe buzzing and inexplicable noises coming from your lou..
Main Camera Repair
This type of repair is necessary for more than one situation: you can experience blurry picture and ..
Memory Card Slot Repair
If you start experiencing memory card interrupts, disconnects or simply no memory card is recognized..
Microphone Repair
If other people cannot hear you anymore when you are talking through your device, or they report rep..
Phone Earpiece Repair
If you cannot hear anything coming from your device (voice in conversation, music, ringtones, beeps)..
Power Button Repair
If you start experiencing power button failure, or if it needs a high pressure applied to it in orde..
Rear Cover Replace
Did you crack your back panel? Did it suffer shape-deformation from battery damage inflation type or..
Sim Reader Repair
If you see your device reporting no-sim or you get constant sim card interrupts, you must send your ..
Software Repair
Software repair procedure is NOT covered by warranty. This must be very clear from the beginning. Al..
Touch Screen Repair
You dropped something on the device and broke it? Even if you get dead areas, dark spots, flickering..
Vibration Repair
When your devices are not vibrating anymore or are having vibration abnormal operation, then you sho..
Volume Button Repair
Do you have a problem with volume control buttons? Only one or worse, none of them are working anymo..
WiFi Repair
Have you started to encounter problems with your wireless connection? Problems like slow Wi-Fi even ..
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