Step 1.

You only have to move your mouse over the Repair Menu located on the top-left side of the website, before the website logo, and moving your mouse over the manufacturers your must locate your device.

Click on your Device and wait for the repair options page to appear.

Step 2.

Choose the select option and click on it. You can always select additional options by returning to the previous page, either by clicking your Previous browser button or by clicking on the fast menu above the title of the device on the device name.

Wait until the repair option page has loaded.

Step 3.

Choose your special options for the Repair type but pay great attention to our Terms&Conditions at section 6 Special Services, because those options are ONLY for the repair you choose, not for the whole Device. If you require a Diagnostic Service for your entire device, not only for the repaired component, you must select that option from the main options list. If you select one option from here and you need the other one, we will not be held accountable and the sum you paid is not refundable, as our technicians will respect ONLY the order you placed.

Select quantity, if you have more than one device of that exact model and both of them have the same damage and click on the Add to Cart button.

Step 4.

You will be informed with a pop-up message of confirmation that the repair option has been added to cart.

In this pop-up you have to options, 'Continue shopping' if you need to select additional repairs or services to the device, or 'Checkout' if you need to place an order directly with no additional features. We will presume this is the only repair type you need and we will proceed to checkout.

Step 5.

Please verify if every information is correctly chosen and the sub-total, VAT and total are exactly the sum you selected for payment. If the total is more than it should, please check the columns named Model (service options for the repair are below the Model, quantity, if by mistake to placed additional quantity) and if everything is in order, click Checkout.

Step 6.

If you already have an account on our website, please use the login form on the right side.

If you don't, you have two options: 'Guest Checkout', designed for customers who don't want an account on our website and 'Register Account' for new customers who need an account for the future and also, if they need to track the order on our website or return to further repairs in time for the same or other device. We will choose a registration form for the next step

Step 7.

Creating a proper account.

All fields marked with * are mandatory. The rest are optional but you must complete them if your are required to do so.

Also, please select a strong password to your account, formed by number(s), small and capital letters. Choosing a week password may lead to account lost problems and we will not be held responsible.

You must agree with our Privacy Policy before choosing to continue. Please note that checking without reading the Policy is not adviced.  If your have a complain after you make a payment and the Privacy Policy contains informations about that specific complain, we will not be held responsible in any way.

Step 8.

Please select the proper delivery address for delivery. If you would like to have the invoice on one address but the device will be delivered/returned to another, enter a new address and select that one before continuing.

Step 9.

Choose your prefered delivery option and continue or select Flat Shipping Rate if you wish to send your device to us yourself, or to bring it to our service in person. Click continue after.

Step 10.

Payment Method is through PayPal Bussiness Account. The payment can be made with your own PayPal address or directly with your credit card. Payments are made through a secured gateway. No customer information regarding credit card accounts or PayPal e-mail addresses will be stored in our website. Select Continue to proceed to the order confirmation and payment. When you click the 'Confirm Order' button, payment will be processed and the transaction will be finished. If you have insuficient funds an error will be displayed.

If you have any questions regarding this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.