Every repair service we provide to your Device will have different warranty terms.

We provide standard 12 months warranty for the following repair services:

  • Antenna Repair
  • Charger Repair
  • Front Camera Repair
  • Front Glass or Front Screen Repair
  • Headphone Socket Repair
  • Home Button Repair
  • Loudspeaker Repair
  • Main Back Camera Repair
  • Mute Button Repair
  • Phone Earpiece Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Rear Cover Repair
  • Sim Reader Repair
  • Touchscreen & LCD Repair
  • Vibration Button Repair
  • WiFi Repair - except for iPhone4 and iPhone 4s models, which will not be covered by our warranty.

We provide 3 months warranty for the following repair services:

  • Batteries replacement
  • Software Repair

We don't provide warranty for the following services:

  • Liquid Damage

Special services from our website that are not covered by any warranty:

  • Deep Diagnostic
  • Diagnostic Service
  • Express Service
  • Service testing
  • Device unlocking

Warranty applies ONLY to the ordered repair. No other components or services are covered by the warranty.

Also, accidental damage to a repaired component during the warranty period cancels the warranty.

The same rule as above is applied to accidental damage or repairs that are not related to the order placement.

Special problems that may occur after a repair procedure and are not covered by warranty:

A screen of Death - this problem occur on some iPhone devices after we have carried out a repair procedure. This issue consists of a grey screen or bar appearing on the phone screen after we perform a repair. This is an Apple issue and is not caused by the repair we performed. This issue is not covered by our warranty.

iOS update to version 10: there are a lot of users who encountered this issue after updating to iOS 10! Due to hard resets needed after an update, some users reported grid lines across the screen of their Apple device, especially after a hard reset. This malfunction is an issue with Apple devices and not due to our repair procedure and we are not covering this by our warranty.

ATTENTION! If you send your Device with password protection of any type and we cannot access it for testing, WE WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY WARRANTY TO THE REPAIR!